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I’ve seen banking execs human hair, oil execs, Skrelli, etc. Get grilled by Congress, and those Exec did nothing more than shift blame elsewhere or treat Congress like a bunch of idiots. On a positive note, I think the fact that Mark was receptive to Congress shows that maybe he found he crossed the line […]

Such money can earn taxfree interest until they retire and

But the pack might want to keep their distance from their northeastern relatives. While wolves in Oregon are protected by the state’s Endangered Species Act, recent breeding success in Eastern Oregon over the past few years could lead the state’s Fish and Wildlife Commission to reconsider that listing for those packs. replica bags buy online […]

Having the female climb the silo at the hutterite clan was one

On a personal note, I applaud their attempts to improve the loot table. I feel like this is proof they are listening to the community (since it seems like a lot more people want increased loot than than those that dont) and trying their best to make it a good experience for everyone. My friends […]

I really don’t care who agrees with me or who I convince: but

We need better infrastructure in rural areas. And even forget about rural areas we need better infrastructure in basically every area outside the major metropolises. I really not sure how to best do that its not an easy problem to solve since a lot of the infrastructure companies are regional monopolies and are resistant to […]